The olympic-style lifts --- that is, the Snatch and Clean & Jerk --- are an important component of CrossFit workouts. However, weightlifting is a sport of its own and takes a great deal of patience, practice and athleticism. That is why we offer a specialty class each week to focus on these movements for members of SPSC CrossFit who would like to further develop these skills. Each week we offer a class called Barbell Club, which is instructed by a USA Weightlifting-certified coach.  

Many people quickly become inspired by the sport and want to make it a focus of their training. As such, we created St. Pete Barbell Club which is a USAW sanctioned weightlifting club! Those looking to compete in weightlifting can join our club and be involved in a program that will encourage improvement and growth within the sport.

Please email if you want to know more about our weightlifting club or this part of our program!