Here is what NOT to do come January

Typical New Years Resolution: Lose fat, get in shape, see their abs for the first time, build confidence, improve their bio markers, increase their quality of life, get off of medications, etc. All things that are accomplished by exercising and eating well. 

Losing weight, getting in shape and changing your habits is NOT easy. It takes a lot of work and discipline. I don't advise you embark on the journey alone. 

The biggest mistake people make? Thinking they can do this on their own by signing up for a cheap gym membership and copying some bodybuilding split and cookie-cutter IIFYM diet by the hottest Instagram fitness guru #fitspo

I can respect the honest attempt. People just don't know what they're getting into. So I'll tell you.  

  • An upwards of 67% of people who have gym memberships DON'T USE THEM. Why? Because they have no idea what they're doing. 
  • Large corporate gyms count on you NOT coming. They want your auto draft of $10-$50 per month but they don't want you to show. Why? They don't have room for you. Think about it... if all 1000-2000 members showed up to work out, no one would be able to workout. 
  •  They make memberships JUST affordable enough for you to justify letting that payment keep on rolling because... you'll get there... eventually... when you have time... NEXT week. 
  • I don't know about you but I've never felt more connected to a group of people than at a gym where everyone has headphones in while they stare each other down, staking claim over gym equipment and do everything possible to avoid direct eye contact and interaction. Am I right? 
  • As you do the same, boring, monotonous isolated movements for over an hour and then move onto your 45min machine cardio session... some 60 year old is getting more work done than you in an intelligently designed and coached Crossfit class (all within 60 mins or less).
  • Let's say you do exert some energy at one of these gyms... you better not get too intense.. making noise will disturb those reading their magazines on the ellipticals. 

What can a quality Crossfit program offer you?

  • Intelligent, functional training that makes you a useful and sexy person. Deadlifts are much more useful than leg presses and seated chest fly machines.
  • Community. A big, diverse group of people that you'll get to know on a personal level. These are the people you will grow to call your friends. We don't do headphones here. We don't do egos here. We don't have popularity contests here... you connect with people. You laugh together, you kick eachothers ass, you curse your coaches together. Then you'll go to brunch together.  
  • Nutrition that is practical for your lifestyle with your health being the top priority. That diet soda may fit your macros provided by your IG fitness expert but what is it doing to your insides? 
  • Accountability from the top down. Does the president of LA Fitness call you when they haven't seen you at gym in a while? NO. But I will reach out to you to have a conversation (preferably in person) if I see your attendance is down, your mood has changed, etc. Why? Because we know our members well. We know their goals, their motives, their abilities, their weaknesses. We genuinely want them to be here working towards their goals as often as possible. We want to set them up for success and provide them with as many tools and opportunities to crush their goals.  

There is a reason why Crossfitters love to talk about Crossfit.. it makes them happy! It meets the innate need to socialize and be a part of a tribe. It challenges them in ways that result in REAL change in both mind and body. 

Most people need help in the goal setting department (a crucial first step). If you are that person...  read this blog post . 

-Nicole Race, Owner St. Pete Strength and Conditioning, home of SPSC Crossfit