3-Week Specialty Class Starts 6/18: Olympic Weightlifting

oly class

SPSC is excited to offer our members a 3 part course to focus on the fundamentals of olympic weightlifting. This means practicing and refining the snatch, clean, and jerk. The series begins on June 18th and will continue for the following two Thursdays. The class will be offered at both 5:30pm and 6:30pm during those three consecutive Thursday nights. 

Unlimited members can attend at no cost, but it will be $15 per class for limited members. We urge everyone to try to attend all three classes. Each week will focus on one of the lifts. The order will be snatch, clean, then jerk. Classes will consist of video review, mobility assessment, drills, and hands-on corrections. 

Not only is weightlifting a sport of its own, but improving your skills in these lifts will make you a much better crossfitter and athlete in general. All skill levels are encouraged to attend and take advantage of this opportunity to accelerate your lifting progress!


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