3 Simple Nutrition Tips for Staying Lean and Strong

I want to share 3 of the most basic but effective ways to tailor your nutrition to increase your performance, develop strength and stay lean. 

1- Protein is king. When we consume protein, amino acids are what we're after. They are the building blocks of life. They build your tissues (muscles included). Your body needs a steady flow of protein (amino acids) all day long to build and maintain your muscles. Each meal needs to have protein in it. I suggest consuming protein within 30-45 minutes upon waking. 

2- Consume most of your carbohydrates around your training. I suggest consuming about 35% of your daily carbohydrates in the meal before your training and another 20% right after. This is where you can take advantage of eating some high glycemic carbohydrates (the starchy stuff). Keep the pre workout meal primarily protein and carbohydrates with a little bit of fat (5-8%). Your post workout meal should essentially have no fat in it and be comprised only of carbohydrates and protein. We want this meal to be digested and absorbed into our system ASAP to aid in recovery. Fat slows down the digestive process. Whey protein with dextrose is your best bet. 

3- Eating enough calories is just as important as not over-eating. I have a constant battle with my athletes (especially the ladies) to eat ENOUGH calories to support their goals. Undereating will cut the intensity of your training session, slow your metabolism and stunt your recovery. To make sure you're eating enough, I suggest people aim for 5 meals each day. You don't want a large gap of time in between your meals. You should eat every 2-3 hours. 

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