4 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Get Rid of Low Back Pain (Part 1)

low back pain st pete

First of all, I'm not a doctor and I haven't consulted with you, personally. Take this advice in conjunction with what your professional has told you. Also, know that they are probably wrong...

Chronic low back pain or discomfort affects a ton of people. Some of it is a result from a trauma to the spine, some of it due to slow and progressive disc herniation, some simply from being sedentary and sitting for 90% of your day. 

If you want to be free from this literal pain in the ass, I'm going to outline some simple things you can incorporate to your lifestyle. No amount of laser surgery, conventional surgery, or chiropractic adjustment can take the place of strengthening your body in the right ways and forming habits to alleviate discomfort. I'm not saying those methods are NEVER effective in helping the process, but they can be extreme options to a simple problem.

In part 1, I will focus on a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to start seeing improvement in your pain level. Stay tuned for suggested warm-ups and exercises to take things to the next level.

What To Do

Soooo many of us have office jobs in which we are sitting and sitting...and sitting. Then we get in the car and sit. Then we go home...and sit some more. This lifestyle is not conducive to reducing back pain or good health in general. Your body needs to move and make use of these wonderful things called muscles and joints. If you sit long enough, your ass may literally slide off of its appropriate place on the body. That's not a good look.

1) Get a stand up desk. Ask your employer if you can get a desk that adjusts to standing height or simply add a riser to your current desk. Standing and keep good posture can make a HUGE difference in the health of your spine, hips, and legs. 

2) Move around more. Sounds simple enough, but take every chance you get to walk around. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Do laps around the office. Do a couple of air squats every hour. Just give your body some stimulation.

3) Sleep correctly. All you side and stomach sleepers. Do yourself a favor and get comfortable being on your back while sleeping. This is another activity that takes up a lot of your time. Don't spend it in poor positions.

4) Check your posture. Look at a computer long enough and you'll find yourself looking like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. Stop hunching your back and tucking your pelvis under. Sit up straight and squeeze your butt from time to time. It'll keep you aligned. If you are going to spend time sitting, ditch the cushy chair and get one that is more rigid and upright.

Get cracking on these habits and you'll see improvement very quickly. Stay tuned this week for part 2 of this topic, which will discuss and demonstrate some simple warm-ups and exercises to strengthen your posterior and create stability in all the right areas.


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