Embrace the Challenge if you want the Change

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You know that feeling. The rush that comes over you after accomplishing a task that seemed insurmountable. A part of you thought you couldn't do it. It was too daunting. Then you did it and you've never felt more relieved and accomplished. You could ride that wave of confidence for hours, days, maybe even weeks.

With every obstacle we overcome, there is growth. It may be a small step or it may be a giant leap, but the mental and emotional growth allows us to become better and more determined individuals. These are defining moments in our lives.

I worry at times that, as we grow older, we stop challenging ourselves on a regular basis. It's so easy to get comfortable, to not step outside of the bubble. I can tell by the look on someone's face when I give them a workout that gets them out of breath whether or not they will succumb to the discomfort or rise to the occasion.

Challenges come in many forms. Speaking in front of a crowd, completing a long distance run, getting through your daily WOD, or learning a new skill. Yet, when you put yourself in that uncomfortable environment or situation and you are faced with whether you will fail or succeed, the result can change the course of your morning, your day, or your life.

What will you do to challenge yourself today?

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-Taylor Race, co-owner of SPSC CrossFit at St. Pete Strength and Conditioning