The next Couch to CrossFit series begins January 16, 2016! Click the button below to register. Limited spots are available.

What is Couch to CrossFit?

Couch to CrossFit is a 4 week program that is geared toward the apprehensive beginner. 

You will be in a small group of other beginners and will meet for a session every Saturday at 10am for 4 weeks. The Saturday classes are aimed to educate you on exercises, skills, and methods to improve strength and flexibility. Each class is conducted much like our regular CrossFit program and will consist of a group warm-up, skill work, mobility and metabolic conditioning. A professional and experienced trainer will be with you every step of the way and will remain in constant contact with you throughout the program.

Between these Saturday sessions, you will have assignments and tasks to complete during the week. This allows you to get extra practice and workouts on your own time, based on what we have taught you in person.

Who would benefit from Couch to CrossFit?

If you have ever wanted to try CrossFit, but have some reservations (i.e. not ready to commit, fearful of being around experienced athletes, etc.) then this program is made for you! There are a lot of myths out there about what goes on inside a CrossFit box and we are here to put you at ease. In reality, CrossFit can be for everyone. Couch to CrossFit certainly is for ANYONE!