Unlimited classes starting as low as $125/month*


The service we provide cannot be compared to any other type of gym. You are not simply granted access to use equipment at a facility.

You will become an active participant in a structured and coached program. This program is designed to increase strength and flexibility, improve health and body composition, and to challenge you in a variety of ways. Our trainers use their expertise to get you results and educate you on how to be a healthier human being. 

Please email info@spscgym.com if you have any unanswered questions. Note that members without CrossFit experience are required complete our Pelican Academy, which is a 3 day on-ramp course.

Class packages start at $125/mo. and include:

  • Unlimited CrossFit classes, 6 days per week
  • Specialty classes, including olympic-style weightlifting and yoga

  • Hands-on coaching from trainers who care greatly about your personal progress and wellness

  • Our structured and progressive fitness program aimed at improving strength, conditioning, and skills

  • Private goal setting sessions and follow-up 

  • A fun, encouraging, and social environment

  • Open gym hours to complete extra workouts or to fit your schedule, outside of structured class time

  • A personal Wodify account to track all workout progress, view workouts in advance, and more!

*$125/mo. price is based on a 12-month agreement.