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Workshop with Dr. Moses Bernard: Proper Bracing and Breathing for fewer injuries, better endurance, and bigger lifts! (public)

As always, SPSC Crossfit is committed to bringing the best specialists to make us better coaches, better humans and to provide high quality learning experiences for our members. 

Most people don't put much thought into how they're breathing or how to "brace" themselves when lifting. 

We preach stability all day long at SPSC but what better way to learn more about fixing your energy leaks than from the experts themselves?....

Stop Bleeding Force: Secrets to fewer injuries, better endurance, and bigger PRs!

There is a lot of information out there on "core stability", but few of them are based on actual research or how the body is actually designed to move. Join SPSC & Dr. Moses Bernard for an informative workshop on the "real" way to activate your core 24/7, how we all learned to move and why this matters, and how these principles can help your body become pain free, injury proof, and improve your Crossfit performance.

Who is Dr. Bernard?
Dr. Moses Bernard is a chiropractic physician that focuses on teaching his patients how to move better. He has advanced undergrad training in exercise physiology & biomechanics,and his post-graduate studies have ranged in fields as diverse as cervical spine biomechanics, yoga therapy, infant neuromotor development and olympic weightlifting. Dr. Moses has lectured internationally, has numerous publications, and is a member of several peer-review committees.

We're stoked to bring in such an incredible practitioner who is also a well decorated athlete. Dr. Moses held his USA Track and Field L-1, USAWeightlifting Sports Performance Coach and CSCS. 

The workshop is open to ANYONE... All coaches, trainers and athletes. This is NOT exclusive to SPSC members. 

We will be putting these techniques and principles to pratice at the workshop with some lifting! So be ready to move some weight :)

At SPSC, we foster a learning environment from which ANYONE can grow.

Spots ARE limited so please reserve your spot by email Dr. Moses Bernard at

The cost is $25.

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