We know it can be a little intimidating to start a new fitness regimen

There are lots of new terms you've never even heard before! Exercises you've never done!

Don't worry, the Pelican Academy will get you started on your journey with us at SPSC CrossFit. This course covers a variety of topics in a private or small group setting to develop your fitness and knowledge base, including: 

  • Effective warm-ups
  • How we operate our classes
  • Proper lifting form
  • Bodyweight skills and technique
  • Movement screening and correction
  • Flexibility

Be ready to sweat, have fun, and ask plenty of questions. 

The Pelican Academy is a mandatory 3-day course for those who do not have CrossFit experience. It is offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. The cost for this course is $95.

We believe in educating our members and making them comfortable with our program. Even once you join our normal classes, the learning doesn't stop.

Ready to get started?